My Husband said I Needed to Make a Garden Gnome.

So I did.

He’s a toy, but he also makes your soil more fertile wherever he is. if you want him to stay in one place, just shift-click to stick him down. (Bored norns can still push on him if they feel like playing.) Shift-click again if you change your mind. Regular-clicking mirrors his pose, if you want him to face the other way.

His shirt color changes with the seasons, so a quick glance will tell you what time of year it is, if you need to know. Green means it’s springtime, yellow for summer, brown for autumn, and blue for winter.

Very small update (6/10/12): I found and fixed a stupid little error that may have caused the problem Malkin pointed out, and also would have shown the wrong season sometimes.

Download the Garden Gnome v1.1

Tiki Torch

This one has been in my head for a couple of weeks now, so when I sat down to actually create it, it came together pretty quickly. They work similarly to the Nornia Lamppost — creatures or the hand can turn them on or off, and they emit a little bit of light while they’re on. Unlike the lamppost, though, they can be picked up and carried around by creatures. Shift-clicking on them makes them non-pickupable, if you don’t want them to be moved.

Download Tiki Torch


Yay, I have worked on something besides starflower and bleubell! 🙂

I saw one of these in a neighbor’s flower bed yesterday while taking my Gbaby for a walk, and decided my norns needed some to play with. Norns can make it spin or carry it around, or it can just sit in your garden area and look pretty.

Download Pinwheel

“Nornia” Lamppost

Probably everyone in the history of Creatures has had a world called “Nornia,” which might explain the name of this site. (Also, I couldn’t think of anything else to call it.) So it seemed only right to have a lamppost.

This is a working lamppost, and can be operated by norns or the hand. It emits light CA when on, and is classified as a toy, so your norns will enjoy playing with it.

I guess now we need a lion statue.

Download Lamppost_v.1.2