This is another one that’s been bouncing around in my head for a while, but it had to wait until I’d learned enough CAOS to make it work. It increases the moisture CAs for your plants that need wetter growing conditions.

Like all of my agents, it has been tested in a docked C3/DS world. I don’t *think* I did anything non-C3-compatible…if you test it (or any of my other agents) in undocked C3, let me know the results!

Download the Sprinkler (v1.0)

4 thoughts on “Sprinkler

  1. Looks very cool – but sadly it dosn’tr show up in my DS agent injector : (
    it was the same with the Garden gnome,he didn’t show up until you made the new ver1.1 ,and so he finaly did show up.
    I been looking trough the DS and the C3 section of my DS,and refreshed it,yet no sprinkler appears >_<'

    Just to let you know if thats fixable or so O.o'

    • Try looking at the very end of the list, norngirl. It looks like I forgot to capitalize the agent name, and the injector list is case-sensitive. I’ll fix that on the next go-round, thanks for pointing it out!

      • Thanks a lot – I did chek 3 times from start to end – on both DS and the C3 section of the list..wasn’t there,and now when I opened my DS again and did as you said…it was..there T_T’ – blush –
        oh well,Glad it finaly decide to show up ^^

        and yay – it look pretty,love the waterdrops sprite of it too! : D
        plain lovely ^o^

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