The ivy was threatening to make me crazy, so I’m taking a short break to let it “cook” in the back of my brain while I help Norngirl with one of her agents. As usual, it’s a learning process. One of the things I’m learning more about is the physics of the C3/DS world.

This is one of the loveliest mistakes I’ve ever made. 🙂 I kind of forgot to tell the seeds they shouldn’t sprout if they were in mid-air, and I also forgot to tell the roses that they shouldn’t be able to grow in mid-air (because I really never expected them to try it). This is the result:

Alas, when the agent is finally released, you won’t be able to achieve this lovely cascade effect, because the seeds and flowers will have been properly educated to behave themselves as proper imaginary plants and flowers should.

4 thoughts on “Fizziks!

  1. Oh lol I was just going to show you my example of that actuly and tell you about that XD
    here is mine btwn :

    also Im noting down some other oddities with them,as I have them running X3
    going to report to you soon ^^

    but my,my – indeed,people are not going to have so much fun with them as we have it now with the beta (sky roses,lol – Im actuly noting that down as next possible fun new plant species 8 D )

  2. Haha, that screenshot is wonderful. 🙂 It’s a pretty interesting concept as well – there’s a lot of space for a flying garden about the ark!

    • Why thank you X3
      yeah I agree with you on that :3
      well Im ploting a new set of sprites for a new kind of flower – that just will be that – flying flowers *o*
      But nope,my little Toxes arent mean’t to be flying ones haha ^^
      But I can tell allready I did tell Geek2nurse that I had plans of a water variation of the Toxes (will have slight differ sprites) :3
      But first have to deal with this ones (and hopefuly another plant)
      I realy do appreciate Geek2nurse helps me so much with the coding on this ;__; She realy is kind to take her time to help me ^-^

      good this bug showed up to inspire me X3
      Hopefuly I can draw those plant sprites soon 8 D

      • Flying flowers really would be fab! Especially so if they dropped fruit which falls down normally and seeds which fly. It would be a good way to keep the flowers growing while keeping hungry norns fed. 🙂

        Good luck with your Toxes (and your water Toxes)!

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