I’ve gotten quiet lately…for a while there, I was churning out agents left and right, but they were mostly pretty simple things that didn’t take too long to finish. The reason for the quiet is that I took on a couple of more complex projects. One is a joint effort with Norngirl, to bring her toxic roses to life, and I think we’re almost ready to release it. (Yay!) The other was a late-night inspiration I had for an ivy agent which, instead of growing in one spot and spreading by tossing out seeds or spores, would crawl and climb and spread itself via runners, just like real-life ivy. I wondered why no one else had come up with it, in all the years Creatures has been around, until I actually started trying to do it, and then I found out. It’s HARD! But that hasn’t stopped me, only made me more determined.

Then my creaky fragile Creatures Exodus installation, which runs in a virtual Windows XP partition on my MacBook Air, crashed. Argh! It took me several days of tinkering to get it reinstalled and working again, but I think it’s more solid now, since I took the time to figure out how to eliminate the multiple directories and get it all properly placed in the Documents directory. I’m excited about finally being able to see catalogue files! 🙂

Then we went live with new EMR (electronic medical record) software at work, for which I’m a “superuser” (sadly, I didn’t get a cape!), and I ended up working a 7-day stretch when a sudden tsunami of psych consults hit and I had to wear both hats at once for a while.

I think things have settled down a bit now, so I can get back to coding. (I’d cross my fingers, but that makes it hard to type.) So stay tuned, you haven’t heard the last of me!

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