My Husband said I Needed to Make a Garden Gnome.

So I did.

He’s a toy, but he also makes your soil more fertile wherever he is. if you want him to stay in one place, just shift-click to stick him down. (Bored norns can still push on him if they feel like playing.) Shift-click again if you change your mind. Regular-clicking mirrors his pose, if you want him to face the other way.

His shirt color changes with the seasons, so a quick glance will tell you what time of year it is, if you need to know. Green means it’s springtime, yellow for summer, brown for autumn, and blue for winter.

Very small update (6/10/12): I found and fixed a stupid little error that may have caused the problem Malkin pointed out, and also would have shown the wrong season sometimes.

Download the Garden Gnome v1.1

6 thoughts on “My Husband said I Needed to Make a Garden Gnome.

  1. He’s so cute, and I love how he can tell you the seasons! 😀 Occasionally he seems to autokill on my system. 🙁

    • Really? Hmmm. I’ve had a couple of them sitting around all afternoon in mine (with autokill off), and haven’t had any errors…I’ll add a few more and see if I can find out what’s going on.

  2. Haha, your husband was definitely right! I’ll stick one of these in the Terrarium and see how it goes – I’m doing some sprite testing today so it’s a good time to be trying things out. The seasonal shirt is definitely nifty. 🙂

    • Just a quick update – I’ve been using these in all my games ever since I downloaded them. They really brighten up the place while being really rather useful. I have noticed my norns trying to obsessively push them though (I keep them shift-clicked because I’d rather not have my gnomes wander off somewhere!) – do they relieve boredom?

      • They provide an “I have pushed” stim, if I remember right. I *think* one of its effects is to relieve boredom, but I’ll have to look it up again to be sure. (Which I will do as soon as there isn’t a two-year-old between me and my keyboard.) 🙂

      • Okay, the lap-toddler is now engrossed in Curious George and I was able to go look things up. The garden gnome, when pushed, sends a “played with toy” stim, which decreases boredom significantly. And it does so whether the gnome is locked in place or portable. 🙂

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