Gadget Ridiculosity

Originally posted at Creatures Caves

When I started dabbling with C3/DS I decided the gadgetry was sorely under-used, and set out to build a ridiculously huge machine I dreamed up in the middle of the night one night. The idea was to regulate all of the aquatic populations simultaneously while having a minimal amount of machinery actually in the aquarium, triggered by radio transmitter. It *almost* worked, too. Unfortunately the pulse signal just couldn’t make it all the way to the end of the circuit, and there aren’t any signal booster gadgets in the game!

Most of what you see is the “sender” circuitry. The only part that had to actually be in the aquarium were the two parts in the lower right corner.

What kind of machines have you built?

The machine is pictured in Random’s Room, a great metaroom for storage and such. The shelves and hooks were handy agents I found over at that helped me keep the parts organized, although the world seems subject to earthquakes, because often when I’m away for a while I come back to find a lot of the parts have fallen to the floor. See download links below.

Download links:
Random’s Room – Scroll down the page a bit to find the link.

Shelf – Not everything will sit on the shelf, but it will hold many of the gadgets, so it’s nice for getting them up out of the way, or out of the reach of the thieving ettins.

Hook – Again, it won’t hold everything, but it does hold SOME things, very handy to have around.

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