Bleubell v2.0


Like the StarFlower, the Bleubell (spelled with “EU” instead of “UE”) is a descendant of an original C3 flower, the bluebell. The C3 bluebells grew only in the norn terrarium, and rather sparsely. They are such delicate little flowers, it seemed a shame not to have them more widespread.

These new bleubells have edible seeds, are pushable and pickupable, and interact with the ecology of your Creatures world. Since they are coded very similarly to the starflower, I won’t go into excruciating detail here.

I also tweaked the sprites a tiny bit, because I was in an obsessively detail-oriented mood that day.

I’d love some feedback on both the bleubells and the starflowers. Tell me what you think in general, but particularly I’d like input on growing cycles and interaction with the environment. Do you think they live too long? Not long enough? Should they be seasonal, or year-round? Any other ideas? Let me know!

Download Bleubell_v2.0

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