Like the StoneFish, the gargoyle is a “useful” decoration for C3/DS. He reduces the amount of light just a bit, and increases the moisture. Clicking on him cycles through the three available sizes, and shift-click mirrors his pose. He also looks quite lovely (by gargoyle standards) underwater, so be sure to try him out in your aquatic environments!


10 thoughts on “Gargoyle

  1. I just noticed you surely do a lot of agents of late,and pretty at the top of that! Im actuly going to try them out – all of them that been released ^-^
    I must say my first reaction seeing this one was “It is my gargoyle sitting there O_O”
    as I do have one looking exact like that,but he isn’t in the garden for the moment XD

    Now I just wonder,are all agents here for DS only,or they can be in C3 stand alone as well?

    Oh and yes,I wondered, why do they don’t have text files ?
    Just thought it could be nice to have text file handy instead of go and chek the site and see what the agents does (or for the small hints like shift cliking and that ) ;3

    other then that – keep up the lovely work! ^^

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like my work! 🙂

      Some of them do have readme files; I need to go back and add them to the ones that don’t, though. Most of them now also have catalogue files, so if you choose the “help” function in the game and right-click on the agent, you’ll get instructions. Although if you have a screwy setup like mine those don’t always work right either. (To make them work I have to manually move the .catalogue files from the My Documents folders to the ones under Program Files.) 😛

    • I just realized I didn’t answer your C3 standalone question. My agents are all developed in a docked C3/DS world, and I haven’t tested them in C3 standalone. I’m still learning CAOS, and just haven’t had the energy to try to figure out the differences and try to code for both, so I guess it’s just a “try it and see” situation. (Grendel Man says the flowers don’t work right in a C3-only world, FWIW.)

      • It’s good to hear there will be more textfiles coming with the agent packs : D I think it’s allways useful to have some around ^^

        Oh yeah the funny thing is,I have creatures ewxodus and I have standard docking station installed on both same machine,and I noticed that most of time,it’s one of them who can’t read the F1 info O_O’ (also this is a win XP) so no clue if I find the cataloyge straying off,like usuly on vistas it does @_@’

        For the C3 part: Thanks to let me know,
        I myself have my standard DS docked with C3,so
        they should have no probs then I guess, but I also give them a try on my stand-alone C3 as well at some point (except the flowers then,too bad,but ah well,it’s fine they work at least in docked world) ^^

        Also,You are very welcome,allways nice to see some nice decorative stuff like this! ^^
        I find it amazing that your’e releasing swiftly one neat thing after another : D

        this remind me of I myself have some sprites I hoped to turn into agents someday (specialy the 3 different flower sprites I have) I might give it on the forum a shoot again,even thought is not hoping on much ^^’ ( dang those scrips…I have tred to learn myself but no go T_T’ )

        • I would love to see your flower sprites…I want to make more flowers so that there can be some varieties blooming no matter what the season is, but the thing holding me up is sprites. I just haven’t come up with any good flower ones yet! Maybe we can combine our talents?

          • oh is that so? ^^
            oh yes please,that would be
            awesome if we could co work : D
            as for me – finding scripters are hard –
            some been trying but became busy and
            some just don’t have time ;__;
            so if you do feel like helping,I would appreciate a lot!
            And if you would find my sprites good enough,I even could try my best do some sprites for you too as well ^^
            -even thought,I say the sprites you do use now is very great : D But I doo most of them are realistic based haha – ^^

            I would happily show you my sprites I have : D
            I got many,theyre just sitting and waiting for someone to bring them to life ^.^

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