StarFlower & Bleubell Evolve…

Version 2.2 of both flowers includes the ecological controls I’ve been talking about in my last few posts.

The flowers grow and multiply wherever there is soil, but growth rate is based on availability of light, moisture, and nutrients. If none are available, they will still grow, just more slowly. They will use up some moisture and nutrients as they grow, assuming there are some to use, and will return some when they die.

The starflowers’ lifespans are about two game days (approximately 40 minutes), and the bleubells’ about half that, during the spring and summer months. They’ll become a bit shorter in the autumn and winter, and the plants will eventually die out for a while during the winter, since seeds won’t sprout during that season. They’ll hang around and remain dormant, though, waiting for spring, so your flowers will return then, unless greedy norns eat up all the seeds in the meantime! In order to compensate for this somewhat, the plants will produce more seeds during the autumn and winter months, to give themselves a better chance of repopulating come springtime. If you want plants all winter, you can inject some more; they’ll have shorter lifespans, but since they’re injected as plantlings rather than seeds, they will still go ahead and grow.

A new feature, requested by Ylukylun, is that you can shift-click on an individual plant to make it non-pickupable, so your norns can’t mess up your planting arrangements. The plant will also become non-pickupable by the hand, since that seemed like the simplest way to show its status. Shift-clicking again will toggle it back to normal.

Plants go into a sort of stasis when picked up, but start growing again once they’re dropped, unless they’re dropped in an area without soil. In that case, they will begin to die, but if you move them back to soil quickly enough, they should revive.

Version 2.3 Updates

I can’t seem to stop tweaking these flowers…I really need to find a stopping place soon, and work on something else for a while! There were still some things bugging me, though, and I think I’ve got most of those worked out. Here are the new changes/features in the 2.3 versions:

Instead of injecting as plants into the norn terrarium, you now get a packet of seeds. Clicking on the packet dispenses a seed. The packets are color-coded, so you can tell whether it’s growing season or not. Green means the seeds will sprout. Yellow means growing season just ended; you may still have some plants for a while, but seeds won’t sprout, although you can still dispense them in preparation for the next growing season. Red means it’s no longer growing season. Seeds won’t sprout, and if any plants are still hanging on, they won’t be around for much longer.

If you don’t want to have growing seasons, and just prefer to have plants year-round, you can shift-click on the seed packet. That will turn it blue, and your plants will no longer be affected by the seasons. You can shift-click again if you change your mind.

Shift-clicking a plant locks it in place, as in v2.2. The plants are not as prolific as they were previously; they’ll naturally only produce one or two seeds just before they die. However, once they’re full-grown, if pushed by a norn or clicked by the hand, they’ll pop out a seed, so if you’re in a hurry for more plants you can propogate them quickly that way.

The last changes are that the bleubell has some new poses, and seeds produced by flowers will produce flowers the same color as the parent plant. So if you want a monochromatic patch of flowers, you can now make that happen.

Download Starflower_v2.3

Download Bleubell_v2.3

7 thoughts on “StarFlower & Bleubell Evolve…

  1. I don’t think you put the agent files in both of the .zips? Plus the new Starflower gives me an error when I select it in the Comms room.

    • Yep, you’re right, looks like I managed to bumble both files in different ways. Maybe staying up past my bedtime to get them posted wasn’t such a good idea! They should be working now — sorry about that!

  2. Small bug: If these are meant to work with C3 standalone, you might want to edit the agent file a bit – they don’t show up in the C3 creator.

    I’ve noticed the same problem with your decoration agents (which I’ve found to work perfectly fine in C3 standalone).

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’m not sure what I need to do differently for C3, but I’ll find out.

      • Another problem: I took a look at the code, and I found that these use the “Call” command – which is a DS-only command. I swapped that out for the “mesg writ” command (the closest equivalent C3 has to the Call command) and the flowers didn’t grow. :S Might want to look into changing the code around a bit if you want to make these C3-standalone friendly.

        • What proportion of people do you think play C3 standalone? I never have, myself, which is probably why I’m fuzzy on what the differences are!

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