This is the first of my “next generation” of landscape elements / decorative items for C3/DS, which instead of just sitting around looking nice, actually make themselves useful to the environment in some way or another.

I decided that statues would affect the lighting and moisture of the room they are in — increasing moisture, since they prevent evaporation from the part they’re sitting on, and changing lighting by casting shadows or reflecting light. Since the stone fish is white, it adds a bit of light.

I’m also using a different approach to affecting CA levels than those I’ve seen. EMIT was too limited, since you can only affect one type of CA with it. ALTR wasn’t satisfactory, because either the levels kept going back to where they’d started, or they kept building and building beyond anything that would actually be “realistic.” So I’m using PROP, calculating the new level based on applying a multiplier against the value of the CA in the room when the agent arrived (if it’s 0, I change it to .01, since 0 isn’t realistic), and reapplying it periodically via the timer script. This approach is making me happy. It makes a slight change in the CA level that remains relatively steady over time. The changes are small. The multipliers are 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 for the small, medium, and large sizes respectively. I have no idea whether those are “realistic” values, but they felt about right to start with.

Incidentally, the StoneFish comes in 3 sizes, which can be selected by clicking on the statue. Shift-click reverses the pose.